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Join us today in providing meals to needy children worldwide. 

Packing Meals - Events

Volunteer teams from different groups and organizations do a fund raiser and then call us to set up a date to pack meals for needy children. $600 is the basic pack but for each added $60 you can add one box with 216 meals. Call: 1-630-639-1408

Feeding Children

All the meals you pack go to feed hungry and starving children. You by donation are making a difference in lives of needy children. Thank you! The Plus Program: 10% of all funds goes directly to sponsors orphans with food. Orphans in India, Honduras and the Philippines benefit from your donations. Thank you!

Become an Advocate for Feeding Children Worldwide

All organizations need individuals and organizations to promote them and their projects. We are no different we need you to become an active advocates in promoting word of mouth our custom packing for meals and meals for needy children. Today join the sponsorship team! Your financial help is vital, alone with you becoming a advocate. Join today by calling us. All donations for the Advocate Program go to cover promotions and operational cost. Become an Advocate Call 1-630-639-1408.

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For Needy Kids

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Help today because tomorrow you may be the one who needs helping!